Official Statement: PUBG "Personal Trades" Turned Off

Dear Flippers,

Today we were all contemplated with the news that PUBG “personal trades” were temporarily turned off for all items within the game. That means no user can list, return or buy PUBG skins on Gameflip or any other marketplace, outside of Steam.

As this was just announced and the story might develop, we will continue to assess this situation in order to provide a reasonable direction to all of you.

If you are a regular PUBG item seller or buyer, we recommend you to share your thoughts in a kind email to PUBG’s support via

Best Regards,
The Gameflip Team


Are there any updates yet as to whether/how you guys might refund if PUBG finds a workaround to selling items on third party sites?


We are still waiting for an answer from the PUBG team regarding their next steps regarding this. As the story develops, we will continue to assess this situation in order to provide a reasonable direction to all of you.


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Any news from pubg devs?

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This is frustrating…losing money everyday with my item stucked in this website. Hope we get an update soon from pubg dev.

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Me too man.

Hello? Its been weeks with no response - please let us know if there is any chance we can get our money back i have so much in pubg skins

Will there be a chance? Thats the question :frowning:

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ask that to the pubg devs

if the developers of PUBG do not return the exchange between people, then the situation can be reached by selling our skins that are on the gameflip bots on the steam trading floor, and the money to be returned to the sellers in the form of skins from other games.

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i agree with this, please provide some refunding or compensations

I dont think pubg corp will unlock trades, there are greedy after they saw how much fortnite made money. With new skins or cases you cant even sell on steam market right now. You can only buy from in-game a key to open case. Greedy developers

any viable solution on the part of Gameflip, like whatSergio777 has suggested, would be great. I just hope they do it as soon as possible as some of pubg items’ prices are continually drecreasing over time.

Hello, hello!

Unfortunately we don’t have any solutions yet. We are constantly assessing this situation in order to provide a reasonable direction to all of you.

Thank you.

With what’s happening recently, I think you need to have a solution by now XD

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" I’ve been in the discord with the devs asking about this for weeks, yesterday they made it pretty clear they have no intention of reverting their decisions. Just letting you know."

I dont know how credible the source is but its quite alarming :frowning:

Are there any news about this?

Also still havent received compensation for this, it has been months at this point and you guys havent put forward even one possible solution (gameflip) it seems as though not much is being actively done to compensate us, so please, let us know of any progress and let’s hope we can work something out.

I think we wont see anymore money back from pubg. It’s over 1 year pubg trades were locked. Skin prices went down. I lost over 2000$ on this…

I know 6 sellers who stopped trading after gameflip decided to not give any re-compensation and yes, their had even more than 2k $ on pubg and they had big stores here.

For some people 2000$ is not much but many people here invested their all money they had.

Hello hello!

Many people were affected due to BlueHole decision and even tough 1 year has passed, we still assess the situation, for now, we are still waiting for any announcements from the PUBG devs. The major problem that I see is that people kept playing the game and didn’t see the need to send their team emails about the situation. In my opinion, if the users did this in the time they announced the change, such change would be reversed in no time.

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