PayPal attached to different accounts

I and my friend use one PayPal account for our needs, can we both use it for 2 different gameflip accounts?
To add funds/withdraw from 2 different gameflip accounts with one PayPal
Isn’t it against the rules? Or it’s ok?

1 Gameflip Account - 1 Paypal. You can’t link same paypal on two different Gameflip accounts.


Thank you for fast response, but I wonder, where have u read it? Is it stated in rules?

Useful link for you

Help center

New Ticket Link

You can find all rules on first link, If you need assist from Gameflip second link will lead you how to contact them.

Thank you very much


@Wayz_Shop is correct, you can’t link the same PayPal account on two different Gameflip accounts at the same time.