paypal email change needed for $$$ and 50sales!!!???

Code for profile :slight_smile: CCGQ4R
I need to withdraw and receive my money to continue selling my codes for xbox ive sold about 15 but i can no longer use the paypal thats linked to my account. I have another which is available and which ive been using. You people messaged me back saying i need 50 sales but i need my money from my current sales to sell more codes so basically telling me ill never receive my money ??? (I cant make 50sales without funds in wallet) i also recently got my suspension off my main account here but for some reason still says im banned untill 2019 when i try sign in on the forums with it, please fix this bug also.


Unfortunately you need to have 50 completed sales to get your PayPal changed.

Regarding the suspension, can you send me a screenshot via PM so I can look into this further?


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It says i cant sign in till 2019 on forum and also why does it take 10 days for my bitcoin to link? As your saying cant link another paypal i cant withdraw to paypal i made a bitcoin and tried linking and says i have to wait up to 10 days for Verification, really? Surely can completely this process quicker i want my money from wallet for god sake

WHats a id number? Id number for what? I tried requesting a bitcoin payout and it got rejected in guessing its cus i put random numbers in this section of the application. WHERE DO I FIND MY ID NUMBER.

You need to verify your identity first in order to ask for a bitcoin application.

You need to upload your documents such as government ID, driver license or passport. The “number ID” is the one that shows the document you’re uploading.

Eg: if your passport has 564 on it. That’s what you need to put there.

So i need to take a picture with. A random number by the picture along with my driving license and put the number i use in the picture in the id number section?

What, no. What you saying?

None number should be random nor writed by you. The documents has a number by itself.

Just send a scanned picture of your passport or diver license where the information can be detailed. And use the number that’s in the document.

Also, you need to be +18 if i remember good. just read this.

or just go

Bro use what number in the document? Please be more specific. Ive sent my drivers license in. What id number should i use where do i find it

I really don’t know how is it possible that you’re complicating it too much.

I have no more words to say, honestly. Try to figure it out.

Bro its a simple question WHAT ID NUMBER DO I USE!? How is that hard? Im asking you what number do i use when applying for bitcoin payout, i made my bitcoin but it asks for a id number when you try to add your bitcoin to gameflip, i just used my code from my gameflip for it. Dont understand why you need 50 sales to change your paypal email like wtf? Has to be the worst rule ive ever heard of

I really don’t know how to make you understand what you are being asked for. I already said it. But, ñeh, wait for the mods to guide you.


PM me and describe every issue you are facing so I can properly understand and guide you further.

Regarding the PayPal change, you will need to have 50 complete sales for that to happen.

Thank you.