Paypal login doesnt work

I’m trying to buy and item with paypal but it doesnt work. I click on Login & authorize payment, login with my paypal, then it gives me this message : “You must login & authorize with your connected PayPal account: (my pp name)”
even though i just logged in with the exact paypal account its telling me too.

I’ve tried everything i thought might be it, but i couldnt get it to work. plz help

Create a ticket here

ive already made a ticket but maybe someone else has experienced the problem aswell and has a fix


Can you let me know your profile code or ticket number so I can check it and help you further?


My Code: ALD3NX

and this is my ticket code 368603

Just answered your ticket. Please, send the information requested so we can continue to help you further.

awnsered the ticket with the information needed

its been 4 days and i havent gotten any help or updates yet

Just answered you back, sorry for the late answer.


I have had this exact problem for the past few days.

Have you had a positive outcome yet?

they allowed me to reconnect my paypal, works fine now.

you should open a ticket

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