Paypal error......

every time I go to buy something with my paypal, this appears when I try to log in … how do I solve it? Invite code: PQAH67

Could you try using the website and buy with Paypal? If it works on the website then there’s something wrong with the app that needs to be fixed, if both don’t work then maybe something’s wrong with your account and you should contact

I also can not log in through the site @galacticarm


does not have any topic with this question

Do you have more than one Gameflip account? Did you, by any chance, linked this PayPal account to a different account?

It’s same issue with me I was not a to buy a item using my normal PayPal method but was able to add funds into my gameflip account but i prefer just using PayPal lol but may be a bug I guess

Yes … I used the gameflip account of my cousin, and he logged with my paypal account, but now I have my account … can not I use my paypal on it?

Could you unlink so I can sign in with my account?

??? @op_JOkEr

Can you answer me ??? How do I use my paypal account again to make purchases?

According to the help article:

Only accounts with 50 or more successful sales are allowed to switch PayPal accounts for payout.

Although it mentions payout and not payment, it seems switching PayPal accounts is difficult, and you were warned that linking PayPal is “permanent”. You could try private messaging the moderator using the orange button on the top right of their profile.

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