Unable to connect to Paypal.

Hey! I’m having issues here on trying to connect to my Paypal. I don’t have my Paypal linked to any accounts. I know it’s not Paypal because I can donate to streamers and buy keys from the Nintendo E-shop.

Have you already connected that PayPal account to another Gameflip account?

Are you using the website, iOS app, or Android app? Can you give screenshots of the error?

If you’re using the website, try whitelisting gameflip.com and allow popups, or try another browser. The PayPal connect feature is also available on the Android or iOS app if you haven’t tried there.

Here is the error!

That’s the screenshot by the way.

When people see that it’s usually because the PayPal account is already linked to another Gameflip account, is it so for you?

Please try PayPal connect through the Android or iOS app.

Post your invite code so the moderators can have a look to see what’s wrong.

WUVTLB I believe!

Hello, this error means that you already linked your PayPal account to another Gameflip account.

If you need further help, let me know.