unable to connect my paypal account to my gameflip account


i have problems to add my paypal account to my gameflip account
when i agree , the window with the error “Cannot connect to paypal account”

so i need help to fix this problem :confused:


Is your paypal account working fine? Try opening it incognito tab.

yea its all fine , my paypal is linked in old account but cant log in there …
so i try with my new gameflip account and it doenst works … support dont reply my mail

A PayPal account can only be linked to one Gameflip account. Ask support to get your old account with that PayPal linkage back, or use a different PayPal for your new Gameflip account. If your old account was suspended then your new account may get suspended too.

Why can’t you log in your old account? If you need help from a forum moderator they will need your invite code posted.


the problem is that i can not log in in my old gaameflip account they are linked with paypal ,so i cant give the support my invite code. i just have only the link to my old profile… no more

For the old account, if you can’t get your invite code then you can instead give support the phone number you used to register that old account.

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I only have one gameflip account and I still can’t connect my paypal… very frustrating. I need some help pleaseeee! My code: 8J3LSN

this is what keeps popping up when I try connecting my paypal.

You might have been logged out automatically if you were idle in the app. You could try relogging/restarting the app then go to the Paypal connect screen right after.

You can also try doing the Paypal connect using the website:


have you tried linking your paypal via the website on a PC/MAC?

Hey everyone!

Is the issue still ongoing?

Also, if you have opened tickets for this, could you please inform them here with your invite code.

I will take a look for you :wink:

:trident: New forum moderators!