Unable to Connect paypal account to Gameflip account

Hi there, recently decided to withdraw my site balance. I don’t use bitcoin so the only way would be for me to use Paypal. When I try to connect my paypal, this notification keeps showing up (https://imgur.com/a/z5S7z) saying that I cannot connect my paypal account.

I have a verified paypal account and use it very often. I called paypal and they said that they can see my account being granted the API, but then somehow the permission was bounced back. They told me that I would have to contact gameflip to fix this issue. I’ve tried every way but have not gotten an answer yet.

Is anyone facing/have faced the same problem as I am? This is the one and only paypal account I use and I have never connected any other paypal to my gameflip account. I really have no idea what the problem is so it would be great to hear any repsonses that might help me fix this issue.

Thanks for reading and hope someone can help me!

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Have you ever sync’d this same PayPal account to a different Gameflip account? If so, that’s the reason.

If not, PM me your invite code so I can check.


Thanks for the reply!

As usual I always find out the problem when someone comes to help. I forgot that my old account (that i dont use anymore) was linked to this paypal. How do I unlink my paypal from my old account?

I have pm-ed you my old account invite code for further inspection.

Thanks again!

Did you solve it? I have exactly the same problem. In my case I only have one account, but the error keeps poping up.

im having the same problem can you help me out


PM me with your invite code so I can try to help you further?


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Im having the same problem please help me. I keep getting cannot connect to paypal error message when im trying purchase something. My invite code is RP59X7.

me too… cant even connect to paypal

If your PayPal is already linked to a Gameflip account then you can’t connect it to a different Gameflip account. If this is the first time ever that you’re trying to connect PayPal then like the posts above said, post your invite code so the moderators can look at your problem.

EKUR8S my invite code help me pls

Hey i have the same problem and i really need help :frowning: here is my invite code C9C4VG

Hello! Can you please send a ticket to our support team and report this?

Use the link below to do so: