Cant’t link Paypal.

So pretty much I had an account when I first downloaded Gameflip and I tried to sell on my account at first and it ended up getting suspended but I didn’t know what I did wrong I was just selling like everyone else in the market was, eventually a month later (today) my friend tells me to try out usung gameflip again. So I make a new account and I wanna buy something but the thing I can’t link my Paypal because it was linked to the old suspended account. I really need a trusted way to but in game items but I can’t do that if I’m not able to unlink my paypal from my old account. My old acc username is “S_xpreme” please is there anything you guys can do to fix this I really enjoy buying from gameflip.

Browse the forum for 15+ minutes to unlock the private message feature, then message the moderator the phone number you used to register your old/suspended account so they can tell you why you were suspended. If your old account is permanently suspended then you won’t be able to use that linked PayPal.

If you need help with your current account then post its invite code so the mods can look up your account.

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