PayPal login and authorize payment not working!


I connected my PayPal account and now when I wanna add funds it says “You must authorize payment from your connected PayPal account” but when I press the “log in and authorize payment” nothing happen.
I did authorize Gameflip on my PayPal account. what should I do?



Can you contact me via PM and send me a screenshot of this so I can help you further?


Hello DunnBiscuit,
I have a problem finalising my paypal payment when it asks me to “Login and Authorize”. I login and go through all the selections. And then an error pops up saying to login and authorize. Which does not allow me to pay using pp.

Please help.

Hello, can you contact me via PM and send me your invite code so I canc heck your account and help you further?

I have a problem which does not let me pay with paypal or credit card, could you help me? Thank you


Sure, can you tell me more about your problem?


I have the same problem!!! I will post a screenshot of what my email says!

This always happens to me now. I submitted a ticket and the support I got was a solid 1/10. I have stopped using gameflip because of this

Can you tell me your ticket number so I can personally check it?

Thank you.

I no longer have a ticket, this was about a month ago!

Check your old emails for one from Gameflip/Zendesk, that should have a ticket number.

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i erase emails regularly. Is there still no fix to this issue? Even trying to buy without having paypal it wants me to be completely verified.

You can private message the moderator your invite code and error screenshots so they can check up your account. Or create a new support ticket because your old one is lost.

I’m creating a new ticket now. I know what the problem is!!! My verification email is not being sent to my account. I am receiving an email from paypal but not from gameflip. I receive all other emails from gameflip except the verification one.

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Can you help me too my debit card won’t work and I have verified successfully the verification

Post your profile code so the moderator can identify you, or create support ticket.

I’m having the same problem. How do I PM you?

Payment verification problem, how do I PM you?

click on his profile picture then on the top right of the profile page, click on “message”.

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You have to get basic (badge), after that you can PM anyone. Simply stay online for 20-30 minutes on forum and you will get it.
@Breygan & @Chiragi_Purswani

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