PayPal isn't working

I have withdrawn with PayPal many times before, but this time it says that the pay out has been paid but I have not received an email from PayPal saying that my money has been paid out nor a notification saying that my money has been paid but the money has gone from my wallet? Someone help

Leave your Invite Code so moderator can look into your account and fix the problem. I’m suggesting you to create a ticket HERE

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3RQ7EZ is my Inv code…can’t get my PayPal to authorize, nothing to verify on my email or from the PayPal site. Keeps asking to authorize, anyone have this issue?

Have you connected PayPal to Gameflip before? If you’re trying to use PayPal on the Gameflip website then enable popups for the site. You can try connect to PayPal from the Android or iOS app when going through checkout.

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I’ve tried using the app and the website it just keeps asking to authorize it and I can’t find anything to authorize. I haven’t connected it to ah other game flip account because I only have one account. It’s strange. And I can’t find a way to disconnect the PayPal account from Gameflip to try and reconnect it.

Can you give a screenshot of the error message (with private information wiped out)?

Make sure that the email you type into the PayPal login is the exact same as the one when you first used PayPal connect to add a PayPal to Gameflip. If the error is still happening then you could try requesting a PayPal account change via support ticket.

I don’t have 50 transactions as Gameflip requires for a change. I’m unable to change the PayPal email on the Gameflip app but I’ll give it a shot on the desktop site

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