Paypal “Needs approval”

Hello. I am a gameflip seller and this is not my first withdrawal,

Usually, it takes a second to my paypal but now it said needs approval. I dont know why because i have so many time withdraw successful instantly before : 100$ , 200$

I have read the forum and I’ve heard a lot of stories that it takes from few seconds to 24 hour , or 2,3 day to successfully cashout via paypal.

It’s been 3 day for me and it still needs approval today.

Please help me because i need to withdraw more. Thanks you.

Hello Nguyen_Tien,

Could you please inform me your invite code?

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I have verified your issue and the payout is on its way :wink:

Also, please remove the personal info from the about section of your profile. This is forbidden on Gameflip. The suspension of your account could be caused because of this.

Have a good day!

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This is my issue right here

Hey! I have recently had a withdrawal to my wire account. Its says need approval can u help me out!
Invite code : PJ1P8A

Hello @Saigish,

Sorry for the wait.

I have verified your payout and it has already been released.

Godspeed! :trident: