Paypal Withdrawal

So before I can withdraw pretty fast, just like in 1 day and whoosh the balance transfered into my paypal
But this last 2 transaction still have “Needs approval”, is paypal withdrawal need mod confirmation?
and what time does gameflip operate on? and what is mod operating time?


Yes, when it goes to “needs approval” the withdraw will be evaluated by one of our admins.

It usually takes up to 24 business hours to have this evaluated.

Thank you.

Hi @DunnBiscuit Thank for helping me!
I want to ask another things too!
I want to add funds 200$ in total, how long will it take to get “reviewed” ?
Thanks! Because I really need the funds asap

You shouldn’t get “under review” again if you were already approved recently. If you do, the admins will take about 24 hours again to approve it. The amount does not really determine the time it takes to get reviewed.

the sad thing is I got another under review even tough I sell and withdraw often

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Have you verified your account? That should lessen the chance of getting under reviews again.

Did you know what is gameflip operating time ? like +3 or something
and yes my account is verified already