Withdrawing Money

Dear Gameflip,
I am very pleased with this site of yours!
I make a quite bit of money from this site! and selling here is so easy, you post and then boom somebody bought it already!
But since I saw staff regularly reply faster here more than the support ticket I think I will just post it here !
So I have two question regarding withdrawing money

  1. When I want to withdraw to paypal, it says “Needs approval” do I need to do something? or just let the stuff do their job?
  2. It says to reduce the “Pending Balance” time you just need to do some transaction, and even at some point you cant just get your money instantly I believe? But how many transaction do I need to get it ?
  3. My friend said after the first “need approval” withdrawal, you can get the money withdraw instantly. Is it true ?
    Thank you!

Hello, hello!

Thanks for reaching out.

Here are the answers:

1 - You need to do nothing. Just wait so our team can evaluate your withdraw, this process takes up to 24 hours during the business days.
2 - As your account grows older and you sell more items, this time will diminish. Unfortunately, there is no specific time or sales number for that;
3 - No.

Thank you!

Please can u send me message i need help

Ah Okay!
Thank you for your help <3