Phone number blocked over 30 days

Hello there, I had an issue about 2 months ago with the android app. The app crashes so many times that I get a warning saying “too many attempts” every time that happened. For that reason my phone number was blocked and cannot get any challenge codes to login so I had to borrow a friend his number to login. Now is over 2 months and I request a change of phone number but I still getting the “too many attempts” error and the people at gameflip help are no longer replying my emails because they said I have to wait 30 more days but is over 2 months now. They want for me to buy a new phone number just to login to gameflip and that seems a little ridiculous to me, I need for someone to verify this but I can’t get any help. What do I have to do to login with MY phone number? My code is CME6H3

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