Please help me!!

My account was suspended awhile ago. I made a mistake and I’ll admit to that. It will never happen again.
I have large sum of money in my suspended account and i understand why it wouldn’t let me withdraw. But it won’t let me buy anything? Please somebody tell me how to get unsuspended or how to use this money. Otherwise i just sold a ton of product and i can’t use this money and i really need this money. Thanks for your time.

There are rare cases where a suspended account gets unsupended. What were you suspended for?

I’m pretty sure it was impersonating GameFlip. But i did this because my friend told me it was okay and i didn’t read into the rules enough. I didn’t realize it would hurt my business in the future. This is something i never plan to did and i never took anybodies items.
In all honesty, i made a dumb choice and it makes sense to why i shouldn’t be unbanned. But if you can do anything for me i would appreciate it.

Yeah, there’s not much that can be done. Impersonating Gameflip is a serious offense and there is a zero tolerance policy for it. Just because someone tells you it is ok, doesn’t mean it is. You should have done research and used better judgement. I have no idea how you justified impersonating a company you have no affiliation with to be ok, but it isn’t something exclusive to Gameflip. All throughout society, impersonation/plagiarism is not acceptable. If you didn’t know before, you know now. Lessons often times don’t come cheap in life.

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Thanks man. Have a good one. I’m just failing to understand why you aren’t allowed to at least buy something when you’re account is suspended as it still benefits GameFlip. Take it easy:)

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