Problem with retrieving CSGO skins from BOT

Yesterday i tried to buy a csgo skin with BOT delivery method. According to steam status ‘‘is steam down?’’ CS:GOPlayer Inventories were unstable and critical so i couldnt retrieve the item. 1 hour passed and the purchase auto-cancelled. I tried 2 more times within a few hours (knowing that the steam status for players inventory were delayed/normal) and i still couldnt retrieve the item from the bot.

According to GF could be either the BOT or my Trade URL (i know is not my trade url coz ive bought before). Now is still delayed/normal csgo players inventory but the BOT wont deliver the item.

I dont wanna try to buy again and get canceled for a 4th time…Is there anything you can do?! Thanks

I literally bought an item worth 8$ so i could know if i was the problem or gf…

i got the item but now when i try to buy the another one it says this…

I am facing the same issue right now!

Hello @natacameron,

Sorry to hear about your issue.

Could you please provide me the order ID so I can take a look?

Also, have you opened a ticket for this case?

God Speed! :trident: