Prolonged ticket response time

Hello Flippers!

For the last couple of weeks we are receiving a very high influx of tickets, therefore we have a prolonged ticket response time.

How many tickets we are receiving? The influx is about 5 times the usual amount we receive.

We are working harder to adapt to this situation and answer every single ticket we receive.

Please bear in mind that tickets that you open regarding a subject that you already sent a ticket about will be merged to the first ticket. We call these duplicate tickets.

The duplicate tickets slow us down, so please, try to avoid sending those.

We apologize for any issue this have caused and we thank you for your patience.


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Im sorry man. Ive sent 8 in the past two days. I did a payout of 26 bucks and it just never showed up in my account. I have 60 smiley rep and screenshots as well. I apologise for sending so many. But this is really confusing me cause every payout before was instant.

Can you help me please , it has been 24 hours since i send my ticket , i got scammed and the seller admitted that , Can you help me get my money back ? Ticket number 132168

Hey! I answered your ticket! Thank you.