Purchase cancelled for no reason

At 8:37PM (CST) on Tuesday, October 23rd, I received a request for identity verification via email. This was regarding a purchase for $77 that I had made earlier in the day. The email stated I had 24 hours to reply to it before my purchase was cancelled.

The next day, at 3:34PM, I received another email while I was getting the last piece of information that was needed. The message was notifying me that my purchase had been cancelled because I hadn’t replied within 24 hours with the “required” information.

I may have gotten refunded, but that isn’t the problem here. It’s the fact that I didn’t even get the full 24 hours and lost out on a $23 discount because of it.

Any ideas?

Could you please inform your profile code so I can check?

My profile code is ZPAWR5.


There is nothing that can be done here since the transaction was cancelled due to the lack of information. Also, we checked that the files you sent regarding the documents requested are in an odd format. Therefore it couldn’t be checked as well.

You may try purchasing again, and we can help you with this purchase if it gets held under review.

Thank you.

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