Purchase on hold but charged my credit card

I’ve bought things before and sold things on gameflip with no issues but I just purchased a game Key and the payment went through but my order was put on hold ? , uhh that’s kinda wack

@MajorTom please help

Or @DarkKnight please @Aurora

Support request

Hello Chad,

Sorry, but I’m not sure on this. A moderator will help.

@MajorTom @DarkKnight @DunnBiscuit

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Thank you so much

Post your Order ID and Invite code so a moderator can help.



If the “purchase” is on hold, it is likely under review. This happens from time to time. You will likely have to verify your account in order to complete the purchase. You should get an email from gameflip telling you to verify and then reply back saying you confirm the order. (All verification is done through gameflip website, not in the email so please do not send it there if this is the case)

I’ve sold things but can’t buy things :joy:

Hello Chad_Rowett,

I can see that your purchase already went through. I replied to your ticket as well for more information about the review process.

If you still need more information, just let me know.

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