Question about selling Google Play card

I read the requirements, and will be using the Automatic Delivery option for a Google Play card. My question is that it says “Using this method allows the Buyer to test the code or game out right away and complete the transaction faster.”

Couldn’t the buyer not complete the transaction and use it anyway? I’m sure not, but couldn’t find an answer on how that works.

Also: Are there any scams with selling Google Play cards I should be watching out for?


Even if he will not complete transaction, you will receive your money after 3 days from purschase.

He has 3 days to complete transaction and contact you in case something will be wrong, after this period of time you will receive your money.

OK, so they purchase before receiving the code, and the only problem I’d face is if the card was no good, correct? (It is good, never used.)

Yes - if you give wrong card they should contact you (sometimes can happen typo on code or something). Otherwise you will always receive money after 3 days or before if buyer accept trade.

Thank you! I realize this was a very basic question - appreciate the answers.