Stalling Payment to Make Interest on My $$$ !

You are obviously just finding excuses for not paying me. Your own application has shown that the Google Play card in question was “Sold” but has now been changed back to “Pending.” If you do not put my $75.00 in my PayPal account in the next 48 hours, I am reporting you to the Better Business Bureau, the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office and any rating sites for game card sellers. In looking at your “forum” site (see bottom of Gameflip site page to get to their forum), I see a deplorable record of your not helping sellers and not making payments to them. I tend to agree with others who have posted on your forum that you are yourselves a “scam” and that you drag out making payments as long as possible by throwing up false questions and problems while you earn interest on our money. David Petrie

Hi, I feel sorry about you and the trouble you have, I just could say that you Will not be helped if you are trying to threaten Gameflip, but I cannot disagree with you at all, I have heard about this problem with other sellers.

Hope you can be helped by them, best wishes , Good Luck

I’m not threatening Gameflip. I am informing them of exactly what I am going to do for the protection of future sellers. You should be doing the same.

David Petrie

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If it was marked “Sold” (someone just purchased) and later not, then it means the buyer’s funds was not approved (went under review and rejected). So be glad that you weren’t scammed.

Until Gameflip can get the buyer’s funds (money), your code will not be released. And until the buyer receives the card and completed the transaction, then you will receive your sale proceeds.

If this is the first time you sold something on Gameflip, I suggest reading through the Selling Guide.

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I have sold $400.00 in cards previously with no problems and all positive buyer ratings,

This problem was caused by a problem with your software that saw a game card code as a duplicate to the one in a transaction that had already been canceled according to your own system. If you scroll through your own forum, you will see that this type of thing is happening more than just once in a while to others.

Why can’t you contact the second buyer and verify that he received the Google Play card and was able to use it to his satisfaction? He says this is the case in his message to me to which you have access. I would think you could mark the transaction “delivered” for me if you cannot tell me how to do it myself. Your WEB site says you people will “work with both buyer and seller to resolve any problems.” I have seen no evidence of this so far. None of this would have happened if your software had allowed me to enter my Google Play card code and send it to the second buyer in the normal manner even though your own system showed the first sale had been canceled and you had sent me a message notifying me of its cancellation.

David Petrie

Hello, as I said to you in another topic, this “duplicated code” message can be avoided in special circumstances, so you should’ve contacted us to get further help.

Also, I already instructed you on how to release the money to you in this other topic of yours, if you’ve followed my instructions, the money should be in your account already.

If you have difficulties on how to mark your item as sent, you just need to PM me about this so I can help you further.

Since this is a duplicated topic, I’m closing this one.