I'm just scammed!

seller has just scammed me in 130$!
he sent me the code while i was offline and i tried to redeem by the next morning but sadly it’s already used. gameflip didn’t even talk with me about his evedences but they are not logical at all!
first of all. this is the id of 175$ transaction just before it with 2 days.
logically if i was trying to cheat for my first time i will cheat on the 200 card. not 150.
also if tried to cheat i will prepare the second account and instantly switching between accounts in Google play redeeming in the 2nd one while reporting the first one to avoid any fears but it was not the case. I didn’t even think of it just ordered the code because of the good price and gone to sleep. i though i have 3days as they said. the seller said to. me what did you do with it in 12 hours :joy: omg 12 hours that’s the time for me to switch accounts and have completed evidence. he didn’t even respect gameflip rules.

then gameflip contacted me said that the seller have evidence and i have redeemed the code in this email :mahmoud.masmoudi11@gmail.com
while honestly thats the most obvious part.
how? :joy::joy::joy:
Google says thats impossible see their help page!
even i don’t know this email or someone with this name in my life! this email i tried searching for it. he doesn’t exist anywhere on the internet just gmail account.
even to ensure that he was planning to scam did gameflip support asked for the current listing cards evidence that they are valid? if yes that’s good but if no. I’m sure that he was planning to scam for the 150$ card from the first time preparing ugly evidences.
I’m really not sure what’s happening and why gameflip didn’t just talk me before completing transaction but this is really a big scam.
and for a seller like these. having good ratings with just 9 and 30$ cards. then cheating with 150$ one that’s a brilliant idea. even i have no right now to give him a bad rating. so gameflip just encouraging him to continue. this is a scammer guys! !


@MajorTom this seller is sharing contact details in profile

Hello Ali_Uwaish,

Thanks for reporting that user. We will further check it here.

Regarding your issue, if you want to reopen that case, you will need to send another ticket to the support team and they will review it from their side.

Please contact the support team using the link below:


Thank you.

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