2*105$ already used code!

Hi. I create an account few weeks ago, I have start to sell my fifa coins. Now I got 210$, I want to spend this money by buying 2*100€ Gift card Google Play. I found a profil with some good rate (like 100+ 2-) I say ‘ok it’s a good guy. Let’s go’

After buying the first code. I try to use it it say :Already used.

Well. I guess it’s just a mistake from Him.toke à screenshot directly and send.

No answer. I check him profil and see he didn’t sell during the last 200 days…

Well. Okey it’s a scam and I have no chance to be refund… Even I take screenshot

So let’s try again. But this time record a video to prove I didn’t lie. They will probably trust me and refund me Totaly (my 210$)

I just would like to know if you think I will be Totaly refund or not?

I send screenshot. YouTube video.

I think for the second code it will have no problem because of the video but what about the first? Except a screenshot I have nothing to prove…

Thank you. Wish they will refund me :frowning:

Ps: this is the video if you wanna check and tell me if it’s smell good or bad to get back my money I earn

@MajorTom @DarkKnight

Thanks gameflip, you canceled my second purchase but I still can’t ask you for the first. Because seller didn’t send a message (and because of that can’t ask gameflip help until 2 days…)

But feel happy, I tough you won’t do anything. I hope will have my other 110$ soon, thanks again you do great and far job!

As you can see :

I can just complet the deal.

You should be able to escalate that issue, so that after the 2 days or so it auto complete to seller. (Unless you’ve already escalated issue.

Hello Rednka,

Since you already put the transaction on hold, the seller has a few days to respond marked by that “Seller must respond within” timer.

If the seller does not answer you or send us any evidence about the code, the transaction will be automatically canceled and you will receive a full refund.

If he does answer you or send us evidence, then you will be able to escalate the issue to support team (it will generate a ticket number), and it will be reviewed as soon as possible.

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