Getting tired of all the scams

3 out of 4 purchases have been scams. For the scams, one I got a refund (because “the seller canceled”), one is apparently in limbo, and one I canceled myself after reading comments and the seller saying they wanted me to rate them before they would send the code.

ONLY ONE has been legit.

After the first two, I learned to look for ratings on the sellers. But then I found that some sellers are demanding ratings first and then sending bad codes. After you rate, of course, that “proves” you accept the transaction.

How can I find out more reliably whether a scam is involved? I’m tired of it and I don’t even know if I’ll get my money back for one of them.

  1. I usually avoid new users selling gift cards for any more than 10-20% off.

  2. If I need something guaranteed I’ll go with Steam Pumpkin who might be a bit more expensive, but is going to give a working code. I’d also advise this if you can’t afford to go without the money until a dispute is settled.

  3. I no longer buy codes that aren’t auto delivery. I can’t think of any good reason not to upload the code and if it’s a scam I’d rather just dispute right away rather than having to fake politeness while they try to scam me for 1-3 days.

  4. If the discount looks too good to be true it probably is. Why would someone sell their codes for 50% off?

Why wouldn’t you get your money back? Make sure to upload the required pictures of your Steam account and it shouldn’t be an issue unless you missed the 3 day deadline. Also, if someone ever asks you to rate before selling just put it on dispute.

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The reason I don’t know if I will get my money back is because it has been “On Hold” with nothing happening for 4 days. The one that I got refunded on seemed to happen much more quickly. I provided my evidence each time I was asked.

I have only purchased Google Play so far, not Steam. Good to know for Steam cards and Steam info, but some of that seems pretty specific to Steam. Should I be avoiding Google Play cards entirely?

I usually only ever buy from Steam Pumpkin. Everyone else as of recently seems a little fishy.

Hey, Steam Pumpkin sells all types of gift cards (including Google Play in the past), that’s just his name. Pretty much all of that applies to all gift codes I buy on this site. Though I don’t have much experience with buying Google Play specifically.

About the dispute they can sometimes solve it almost instantly and other times it takes quite a while. Some cases are easier than others or have more evidence to review. As long as the ticket/dispute is still open and you’ve provided solid evidence I wouldn’t be worried.

The number of scammers in that section is definitely at an all time high. I personally don’t usually buy gift cards here anymore after someone charged back an Amazon card/code months after I bought it.

How do I find a seller by name like that?

You can use google to search for a seller’s name:

Check their very high ratings to make sure they’re not an imposter.

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Regarding disputes, if you still have one unsolved, please send me your invite code via PM, so I can continue to help you further.


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I will do that momentarily Dunn

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