Massive scammers attack

Hello. It is just me or last few days scammers are get very active ? I’m selling gift-cards and last few days got like 3 or 4 disputes where scammers claiming they got used codes (which they surely used by themselves) ?

you blaming buyers?, what about us buyer when purchasing with high reputation sellers that previously purchases with them before and receive this “eshop” “code” , and seller have not reply yet, over 24 hour almost passed…Screenshot_20191016-161859_Chrome|236x500

Lol wow that’s insane

Definitely an uprising in it… I’ve had a few try to claim game codes were used already, but when I requested pictures of them trying to use the code and the error, they just complete order. (Even these can be easily faked though)

No real seller protection on items, but I just provide gameflip with where I got the code from and then give them them my game listing, hasn’t failed me yet.

Not blaming buyers, every seller can make mistakes as long as buyers. I’m talking about real scammers which I already described in my first message.

Also I suggest you to wait for seller answer, if he will not respond then transaction will be automatically canceled and you will receive your money back.

i know, the frustating part is 5 days for seller to respond, it used to be up to 3 days, which is reasonable for seller to response, but it is true scammer has been rising this few weeks not just buyers but also some news sellers I encountered, luckily when they do reply I can escalate directly to gameflip, but the main issue is that there should be a mechanism that verify codes that do work on gameflip to avoid scammers and in case of amazon gift card or any other gift card that can be retained by fraudanlent purchase, have some sort of customer support phone number instead of opening tickets. Hope everything clears up with you fast