Questions related to selling on gameflip

So, im from Pakistan and want to sell a few items on Gameflip … mainly PSN currency cards… have a few questions if a mod can reply…

  1. can i sell items on Gameflip?
  2. Is it possible now to receive a payout in bitcoin? i know buying via bitcoin is disabled but are payouts available ?
  3. is it possible to buy other items from the Gameflip store using the money you earned by selling keys
  4. im reading bitcoin payouts require verification. What sort of verifications are required and can i verify using my own personal info, being im from pakistan.
  5. how much time does a payout take from Gameflip sales?

thanks in advance

Sure you can. Are you having any trouble signing in? If not, just be aware of:

Yes. BTC payout haven’t been disabled and BTC for purchases is currently supported too.


You can only be verified using your own personal info. You’ll need a state/country issued photo ID.

Paypal is the fastest. Few hours on average.
BTC takes longer. We do it in batches, so be advised. Read the article below for full explanation:

Let me know if you have more questions. Always check our Help Center for general questions as this is the fastest way to get them :slight_smile: