Quick question ......

I used the new rocket coupen to purchase an item, but the seller cancelled the my purchase so I tried using the coupon on another item and it won’t let me… Invite code QYK18M


Can you please send me the error message you are receiving so I can investigate this further?

Hello man. I’m having problems registering. I can not register my phone number. +79021926240 (Russia Federation). Code: 7HMSRM

Hello, which phone carrier are you using?

I see,

Please contact us through support@gameflip.com, send all info you have about this case there, the support team will be able to help you further.


I using “Tele2” operator in Russia Federation

Man, can u help me? Tele2 +79021926240 Russian Federation 7HMSRM

@f1na1ikk yo mate create a ticket CLICK HERE