!IMPORTANT! I dont get the verification sms to login - Customers are waiting for there Items

Now i tried it multiple times. Gameflip dont send the sms to me. I got a few emails saying my Items are purchased. The Cusotmers waiting and i cant login and deliver the items. I need help asap. thanks.
I cant log in so i cant see my invite code. My GF Name is SemBax01. I will send my phone number to one of the staff members here.

You need to browse the forums for 10 more minutes to become a Basic User, then you can go to the moderator’s profile and see the orange “Message” button. Give them the phone number registered so they can identify you.

Make sure your emails came from a "@gameflip.com" address because there are scammers that send fake notifications if they know your email.

Thanks! Do you know how long it take to get a reply? I need to deliver the Items :confused: