About SMS Issues

Hello Flippers!

We are recently receiving reports that our Verification SMSs aren’t being received by you whenever trying to log in to your accounts or whenever new users are trying to verify their new accounts.

If you are having such an issue, please open a ticket here, so the team can add your case to our investigation.

This is an issue that our team is investigating with high priority and whenever I have any news about this I’ll let you know.

Feel free to drop any questions about this on this post.

I apologize for the hassle this has caused.

6/2 Update

Our team is currently testing a solution to this issue, meanwhile, if you still can’t receive the SMS message to access or verify your account, please open a ticket to our team so we can verify your case.

6/4 Update

A fix for this issue is live and the SMSs should be normally received in regards to 2FA and account verification. If you guys had issues in the past few days, feel free to try again today. If the issue, by any means persists, please open a ticket.

Thank you,


What will happen to my pending purchase if I can’t contact the seller?? Is there a work around?

I’ll need to check it for you, can you share via DM your email and phone used to verify your account?


Thanks for announcement about this problem

I was able to contact help desk to cancel the transaction. However, SMS. is still not working.

@DunnBiscuit Anyone from your staff know what is going on? It’s 5 days now and I am losing a huge amount of sales and I am in your Ultra Club and the issue has still not been fixed with the SMS. Why don’t you guys make an “Email” method so you can request your code to me emailed to your registered email with Gameflip? I have a ticket since 5/27 where not even a single person responded or even said a simple “Hello” to keep me updated.

Please fix this SMS issue, I have used it so many times without any problems it appears that around 5/25 problems started to arise in your system.

What’s the update from the engineering team in charge of this issue that you can update us?

Hello guys, here’s a quick update on the SMS issue.

We are currently investigating the issue - which affects sending SMS verification messages - along with our SMS provider and we are working hard to have it fixed as soon as possible.

I’ll bring news whenever I have more.

Meanwhile, open a ticket if you are having such an issue open a ticket here and drop any questions you might have here.

I apologize for the hassle this has caused.

Thank you,

Hey @speedz84 our team as mentioned are working to get this fixed considering all the solutions possible.

In regards to your ticket, please send me the number thru DM, so I can check it as soon as I can.
I apologize for the delay on answering you back, we are receiving lots of requets about this and other subjects and we are trying to answer them as soon as possible following the ticket queue.

Thank you,

@DunnBiscuit can I get help unsuspending my account from the text issue? I cant even browse gameflip since I cant log in. Code 7SXN94

Hello @Blairseph,

I have released your account for you.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

God Speed! :trident:

Well it let me past the login, not saying suspended now, but the next step it asked me to verify my phone number and when I do it just says unauthorized. Different from the text security code.

Still cant finish logging in it appears @DarkKnight

Hello @Blairseph,

When the unauthorized message appears, it means you have not passed the verification yet.

As said by @DunnBiscuit above, this is an issue that our team is investigating with high priority and whenever I have any news about this I’ll let you know ok.

Also, I have verified and your information has been added to the case ok.

God Speed! :trident:

Ok cool thanks. Thought this was different but i guess its part of the same ongoing issue. Appreciate the help

No problem @Blairseph and sorry once again for the inconvenience.

We should have this fixed soon.

God Speed! :trident:

Hello @orhancanunal,

I have verified your account and it is currently unlocked.

God Speed! :trident:

I need my account to be verified. I just need you to add my number to my account. Support removed my account and i cannot do anything now. If you add my number i dont need sms. I can use security code in my phone to fulfill my orders. My code. EQ1LT5 . I have pending orders.
Help would be really appreciated.

Hello @StoreKeysOnline,

In this case, please open a ticket to our Support Team regarding your case ok.

They should be able to inform you what to do from there.

Feel free to use the link below to contact them:


God Speed! :trident:

Hello again @DarkKnight ,
I already spoken with support but these things takes times. I have pending orders. You can see my previous mails. I am in connection with Tyler. I just need my phone number to be added to my account manually by Gameflip staff. Is this possible? If possible, I can use my security code on my phone to handle issues.
Thanks in advance.