Regarding the new feedback/rating system


I see a new rating system was implemented recently. The new change brought good info such as the item purchased and how much the buyer paid for it, and im all for that.

However, it is now forcing us to write a minimum of 20 characters in order to send any feedback! I don’t see this as a good idea as it will prevent people from actually taking the extra steps to post a feedback for others. And also for me and other people that buy a lot of products it’s going a nightmare to do this for tens or hundreds of listings per month! I don’t think it matters whether a feedback has words in it or not, as long as it is positive because that’s the idea, letting the others know that he’s to be trusted. If we’re talking about a negative/neutral feedback, then I agree 100% that it should be mandatory to write something and explain why.

I hope Gameflip reconsiders this and revert this to the way it was before.
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I feel the same way

Hold space until you have 20 empty spaces and you can rate that way.

And why buyer will do that? they will just ignore the feedback and sellers will not get feedbacks like before!

Hey BlackEdition!

Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

We will keep this information for future updates and do our best to suit our users needs in the Gameflip marketplace.

Have a great day!

God Speed! :trident: