Ratings - Forcing buyers not to rate

So ever since another needless update, or I shall say incomplete one.
Where buyers are forced to type 20 characters to rate a seller, it has been the worst update.

  1. Now many buyers dont even bother to rate rather than just type.
  2. If you had to do such an update, why not make sure theres some consequences for not rating. You just keep messing with us sellers for no reason.

I dont understand, why mess with some system that is already good enough


Yeah… was hard enough to get people to rate you as the seller, now they don’t even care… They took away auto rate, then made it so they had to click a few buttons, now they make it so people have to put 20 characters (all of which could be dots), its just stupid… At least make it so it goes back to auto rate then and the “Auto-rated by gameflip” would meet that 20 min…

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Honestly one after an other useless and needless update to ruin sellers. Like what even?! We earn for you, n u screw us what logic is that? Or what brains are behind all these stupid changes that aren’t needed

If I buy and the seller is ignorant etc. I still rate, maybe a neutral if it’s very bad service, otherwise I just type 20 spaces then rate, it works.

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