Suggestion about Buyer rating you!!!

I was thinking if devs can add a comment about the ratings on what they give to us. I always end up with arrogant kid or a Mom who always mad doesn’t know how to calm down and i end up getting Bad rating even to i listen to what they want and give them the instruction on what to do. So i suggest if the devs can add a comment for ratings so the other buyer can see that the buyer is the one who is wrong not us or we can express are gratitude to the buyer who rate us. It would be so good!!


Just block this buyer and contact support with a request to remove the bad review.

You can contact Support to remove Bad Ratings if you feel that it wasn’t deserved. If you provided instructions and was polite to them despite them being rude and giving a bad review after, it most likely can get removed.

Anyone (even people who deserved it) with bad ratings can just comment on their bad ratings and blame in on the other person if that happens.