Attention GF sellers - some things you should know

So apparently your own conversations with people on here are classified as “content from the Gameflip system” and you are not allowed to view them, or even request a copy of a past back and forth with people. And if you do they’ll just ignore you and any other problems you have. (Surprise)
I tried to get an unfair rating removed that was auto given by the system. They tell me the user left it (no he didnt because I got the automated cancel email that I’ve gotten before, and no rating from him is on my page, just like what happens every time the system doles out an auto bad rating).
Ask them where I can forward the email showing this, get no answer.
Ask them can I please have a copy and paste of the conversation the buyer and I had- Asked this 3 times before I was finally given an answer - “We do not display content from our system”
Content from your system? It’s my conversation and the ticket we are talking about hinges on the comments that are not viewable after a cancelled order. So you’re basically expected to remember all the comments and their times off the top of your head to try and explain to support what is going on. I’m so sick of “support” giving short responses in order to write you off so they don’t have to actually do their jobs and put some effort into something. Nope, just write off the people who actually pay into this website with a one sentence answer and refuse to explain the reasoning behind it.
What an absolute joke this site is.

" so they don’t have to actually do their jobs and put some effort into something"
We are doing our jobs.
As explained you did not give any answer to your buyer for 2 whole days.
And the conversation is only available now in our internal system, and we do not display this information to users.
I did had the patience to read all your messages for all your ratings removal requests.
Everytime your attitude towards support was offensive in my opinion.
Please show some respect before making assumptions and demands.
Our job is done, I won’t remove this rating since you did not answer the buyer.