New Level of Low From Certified Seller

So apparently a user made a purchase just to leave me a negative feedback, which I guess I understand that is some peoples MO if they have a bad experience and so forth. But when I delved a bit further into this situation, I noticed it was a brand new account that only had one sale on it. It was to a certified user for the exact amount that was needed for a purchase from me. So evidence is strong here, a Certified seller instead of doing it on their account, decided to create a alternate account with the sole purpose to sling mud.

I don’t want to give out names and such because I don’t want to play that game, but for support to be aware that a certified seller would do this concerns me. This is the ticket # #277241 if anyone with GF was interested.

Just a low point in my opinion of what people will go to.

You can have negative feedback removed if you open a ticket. Maybe they didn’t believe you had sufficient proof for such a claim. While your evidence may be strong it’s presented in a very unclear, unorganized manner. They could also be looking into the matter, but

Also, the Verified sellers are just people who have verified their identity by uploading some documents. It’s really nothing more than how some services will note if a user has confirmed their email. PayPal has a distinction if you provide some identifying information. It doesn’t mean they are a partner or affiliate of gameflip.

Sorry you had to deal with feedback abuse. It’s definitely a pain. I had a buyer who wouldn’t stop buying my items and kept rating me negative before you could block buyers. If you keep selling here you’ll realize it doesn’t matter all that much as many people never return to rate the seller or give neutrals even if things are delivered pretty much instantly. I personally don’t even check ratings before buying as GF is good about giving refunds.

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I am not fully complaining about the event because my positive review will highly out weigh the one negative. I did open a ticket because the negative review was simply a complaint. Per the statement of blocking the buyer, I can’t do that if they are willing to create an alternate account for the sole purpose to slander like they did. That was what I was referring to more than anything. I left vague here because I don’t want to sling any mud so to speak, but I was detailed in the ticket I created for support if they wanted to handle it.

I guess more I was venting of how low a buyer can go, and one that took the time and care to get verified.

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This situation is both really sad and kind of funny. As 000 said some negatives can be taken care of by opening a ticket. I really hope I don’t run into this guy by accident :sweat:


I was able to answer your ticket, I’ll also investigate this further.
Also I’d like to add that donation listings are forbidden within Gamefliop. Please do not list this kind of item again.

Thank you.

Thank you for removing the listings as I was heading over to do that. I am sorry, won’t happen again.