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because there is no way to steam gifts from your inventory?

Everything is still visible after you search for something, same with gifts (coordinated transfer), so only newest listings are reserved for instant delivery. So there it’s not pretty hard to sell. But I still think this should be done differently, even tho I’m glad to see Gameflip are willing to improve and are listening to community.

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I’d recommend you to stop sending gifts if you are doing so.

The chances of Steam revoking them from the buyer’s account is pretty high and I saw/suspended many good sellers due to “revoking items that were sold” permanently.

Thank you.

How is this instant delivery?!?

EDIT: About same seller…

Rating from buyer:


And later rating by seller on buyer’s profile:


Well, this clearly isn’t behavior that will bring more buyers here.

EDIT 2: I edited the listing I linked above to one that’s sold, because other one is removed.

It is “auto delivery” (instant) when I viewed the listing, but I think he puts some fake/random note into the code.

Yeah, obviously.

Probably something like this:

“Thanks for buying, leave a comment which game do you prefer?”

And then follows:

“Hi, I would like Homefront.”
“No problem, let me get it from G2A.”
“What did you say?”
“Nothing, nothing, here’s your key K1NGU-ING2A-RUL3S”

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Well, the Buyers have spoken. His recent run of spam selling games that he acquired when they were free and obfuscating the game details has resulted in 14 of his last 22 reviews being either a neutral or a negative.

Spend 5 minutes reading the ratings for these guys and you’ll discover that they don’t have keys alot of the time and are leaving a trail of very disappointed buyers behind them.


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this is also such a stupid thing with the “PLATINUM/TITANIUM/GOLD KEY” or whatever. Geez, just put the name of the game in the title, it’s such a waste of time to having to click it to find out thats its some previously free trash…

This is made for people who are new here to lead them to think this key is random. So they made listing to look random, but go by the Gameflip’s rules mentioning game somewhere in the description, usually hidden behind “load more”.

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This other account with other listings that were already removed (the ones we could remove) and the seller was warned.

Thank you.

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