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Hello, if you think any user is abusing of the marketplace, please PM me and report he/she to me.

Also please create a ticket about the issue and send it to me via PM.

Thank you.

Nothing new but just to remind Gameflip that this is still a major issue. Between the Steam Game listing being spammed by PUBG in-game item sellers, Beta Code sellers and Account sellers and this kind of spamming it is become incredibly difficult to sell.

I thought this was what the change was to resolve but instead it has been rewarded. Unfortunately I couldn’t get anywhere near all the spam into the image:

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Oh look, he’s not using templates I made anymore… damn, those sellers with “ONLINE” in their nicknames…

So, as we can see most dominant in search pictured above are four users:

  1. KRYPTONITE Oficial (((Online)))
  3. Game Changers ¡Online 24/7!
  4. Zero (who removed his “Online” tag recently)

All of them are non-instant delivery sellers which “gives them right” to spam and all of them are abusing the system heavily by exploiting search algorithm with their descriptions. I can elaborate why those two things are bad, but you can find it already in some of older topics. In this one, too.


  1. They can spam everyone’s sales in newest listings
  2. They appear first if you search for games like they are only ones who sell it

You can only avoid them if you use more advanced search methods, but minority of buyers search that way.

And the most important thing is - everyone can do what they do if they want! But I guess the majority of sellers tend to be honest. It is time for Gameflip to do something about it that can favors those honest ones.

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Yeah I wouldnt mind if Kryptonite was booted from this site. Total A**hole, I asked for a reduced price on an overpriced game once and he resonded with insulting and blocking me.
So here is another suggestion for Gameflip, dont actually allow blocked users to see listings anymore. I have to see all of his spam, and even if I wanted to, I couldnt buy or comment on it.

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Don’t forget Featured Store: Fullsheta Games who has rebranded as Codezilla Full Games ✯Online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week✯

He has taken to spamming the game listings with 100+ items a day (these are actually Instant Delivery) but he uses the same 1-day tactic that the others do with the AAA titles. He again spams up a massive number of items and the listing themselves are full of Spam/Stuffing:

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He combines instant delivery with delayed delivery for AAA titles. But yeah, same method as above mentioned and one more “ONLINE” user.

My only concern is - do mods even have a good picture about this?

Let’s say a person, first time on Gameflip, search for a game. He got the results. He buys it from one of those sellers (they are always first after basic search)… only to find out the delivery is not instant, or if he is aware it’s not instant, he waits much longer than stated (almost always the case with those sellers) for the key to be delivered. It’s even possible (and IS also often) for transaction to be canceled after day or two, because seller is unable to find that game for cheap enough anymore on G2A/Kinguin. Well, that person (buyer) probably wont getting back on Gameflip anymore.

And most important - all this is happening while there are listings for the same item and at lower price delivered instantly. Here, on Gameflip, too, but hidden few pages behind all this spam.

EDIT: And I’ll write this again - absolutely nothing prevent all of us here to do the same. To list AAA titles (we don’t have) bunch of times, edit our descriptions with hundreds of tags, for a prices that are enough higher than those on G2A and other marketplaces (resources) where we can buy the key for something while person who bought something from us here is waiting, and waiting, and waiting… while we’re doing unfair, risk-free business that hurts buyers, competition and Gameflip as desirable platform. But we wont! We don’t even buy on G2A/Kinguin mostly at the first place, as we cannot vouch for those codes.

EDIT 2: I’m not saying all “delayed delivery” sellers are buying from G2A (Fullsheta, for example, seems to have other resources), but most of them are.

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I know having googled them that there have been previous posts about scamming, sourcing keys from G2A/Kinguin/CDKeys and most recently around the spamming for these sellers but truthfully nothing meaningful has ever happened to curb this negative behavior.

However, I do believe Gameflip is eager to evolve the Platform and have it seen as a clean/legitimate place to buy digital/physical gaming goods and the evidence can be seen in the constant work around scamming and the efforts, although failed so far, around addressing the search results.

I should reserve special mention for Orange .B also. I could post numerous forum threads and steam forum mentions reference all of these listing spammers/stuffers/1-day sellers and the damage that this selling method has on Gameflip. It could easily be resolved by only allowing instant delivery on Steam Game section. These guys would have alot more poor ratings only the system that they are abusing allows them or the buyer to cancel any trades where they cannot source the keys at the right price without any damage to their reputation. In my case I bought a copy of a game called Bastion off GameChangers early in my Gameflip journey and was sent 3 keys that didn’t work before having to cancel the trade. This took alot of work with disputes, capturing and posting images to support with several days wasted and still no game to show for it. I am sure if you replicate this experience thousands of times then there are so many customers lost on the platform that would never go back. Worst of all these are the big front of house sellers drowning out the people who actually have the items that they are selling.

Here are the 3 seconds worth of googling around Orange .B for example (just in case people think I’m dropping names without having anything to support it) - Thread 1 Thread 2 Thread 3 Thread 4 Thread 4 Thread 5 Thread 6 Thread 7 Thread 8 and there were a couple of other links that wouldn’t resolve anymore but you get the gist. Numerous people complaining, quite rightly stating that being sent used codes is scamming (Once or twice can be an accident but repeatedly is a trend) but the big spammers with Online in their names are still trading and whether intentionally or not they come across as scammers as they keep sending people used codes.

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On the topic. Zero is a huge blight on the movies and other sections. He undercuts automatic delivery sellers by a few cents (why all his auctions are strange amounts) and abuses the relevance by spamming the name over and over like these sellers.

It’s not easy to go through all the filters on mobile and find things and make the distinction between delivery options. I occasionally buy codes on here and almost always end up just giving up and going to the PC to find the best deal/delivery time.

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Here is a little confirmation from the 1-day sellers about where they source their keys from - G2A and Kinguin.
They abuse each other a little here but amongst a battery of sins what’s a bit of abuse.

The 3 sellers that he references are: Orange. B, Gamers for you and Absolutely Insane Project.

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Hey, that’s the Zero guy I mentioned that’s abusing the system and undercuts automatic delivery with 1 day g2a codes. It’s funny he doesn’t like others doing the same.

Not only do those sites put buyers at risk for charge backs like you see here in the forums they aren’t nice people as you can see and often don’t offer a positive buyer experience.

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Solution is simple.

  1. Put instant delivery items ALWAYS first in search results and make search algorithm to ignore descriptions
  2. Change the system, so sellers cannot have more than 5 non-instant items listed at the same time (for digital codes)

Nothing more.


you know, or ban these idiots.

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Just upping this one, as I saw in other thread that @DunnBiscuit missed few important things from here.


Thanks for tagging me here.

I’ll investigate every aspect you guys described here and see if this is happening nowadays.

If so, I’ll take any actions necessary to solve the situation(s) I might find.


This IS happening nowadays, we fight this every day. Every single day we watch those users doing the same. Fighting with each other by posting items they do not own. If you contact them as before, they MIGHT explain (lie) to you something different, but please, what is ONLY reasonable explanation why, for example Fullsheta, sells cheap games as instant delivery, but AAA titles as 1 day(s) delivery? Simple, he doesn’t own those AAA titles at the moment of selling. And on the top of it, I found out from one other featured seller that the reason Fullsheta is featured is exactly that he is selling AAA titles. Well, I can sell AAA titles this way, too. Even for better prices. I’m sure that Gameflip don’t want every one of us try to do the same. It’ll be mess. So, just limit non-instant items per user to single digit and make search ignore descriptions. It’ll bring more buyers to the platform (or to be more precise, make buyers want to buy again here), trust me.

EDIT: I’m talking about Steam games (keys) section. Those items (except gifts) have no reason to be delayed delivery. But I see complaints against same bunch of sellers by users that are selling movies and codes for different platforms, so this is not only Steam related.

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UPDATE: Only instant delivery is visible when i go to Steam games section without doing any search. That’s really good to see. I see non-instant codes still exist, but only if I modify my search. Too bad they are still dominant if I search for specific game like I linked above.

I see some of “ONLINE” sellers are selling instantly for the first time (cheap games instead of usual AAA titles, but that’s something).

So, what changed?

Looks like the “default” search has changed. The question is - Is this better served the Gameflip marketplace?

I’d say it’s a good step in the right direction.

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I see how it helps, but it also makes selling gifts that you have to send manually pretty hard…

Why would you want to send it manually? As a buyer, I usually pick the auto delivery (with good ratings) over manual delivery for gift cards, but that’s me. A good discount is nice, but a high discount, no rating, with manual delivery seems highly suspicious for me.

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