Requested my account be deleted / personal information removed

I recently applied to be a seller and submitted a request for my account to be removed as I had changed my mind of being a seller, and also my personal information to be removed. This includes my personal selfie, drivers license ID’s etc. If my account is now banned / deleted, is my personal information also removed from Gameflips database? Because that is what I specifically requested.

so you can start another acc

if u didn’t want gameflip to have access to ur info u should have not sent it in first place as i can tell u its not going o be deleted as its used to track scammer so they can’t use the same info again, so i tell u there is nothing u can do.

Ain’t nobody falling for that :joy:

I literally requested deletion of my information the day I got accepted to be a seller, I never had any seller history / seller profile, no items listed or anything… They can check their database…

its don’t matter even if they sat yes they deleted it they will not u should always never pet ur info in site if u don’t want it there

No 2nd account for you my friend