Remove game hackers

Hacks like these have gotten people’s accounts banned from online services.

Having these listings around not only clutters the listings page but puts your patrons at risk, also ruins the brand name. Once they get burned by Activision for hacking they’ll come back here wondering where the consumer protection was.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I’ll talk to Support and take the appropriate actions with this user.

thanks that should happen. No one wants to see people banned and they will evidently bring the blame to Gameflip because they cant “get a hold of the seller” and they then will be mad at Gameflip team for allowing this “seller” to sell fake stuff. Theres starting to be a trend on this now for mods and maxed out things that isnt something that probably shouldnt be sold. Thanks for looking into it.

The lack of listing moderation is appalling., I’ve forgone reporting just to see how long it takes to have illegitimate listings be removed And well… I am under the impression that the listings aren’t proactively moderated.

I have also said stuff to the sellers about this. I have seen a lot of sellers selling accounts to where the customer puts that account on there xbox or playstation and they download the game and then use it on there profile. This is not what xbox or playstation want done for game sharing. I have also contacted and talked to gameflip customer support which have been very helpful and willing to solve any issues I may have. I have asked about being a moderator for this app. But nothing has ever came about from it. I am on this app multiple times a day.

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