Targeted over other sellers over apparent rule breaking?

Hello my profile is: P7SHR5 & today I just had all 400+ listings I had either deleted or moved to draft. I would like to know why all my listings were treated like this, while literally every seller in the “Borderlands 3: Xbox” section is selling hacked and modded weapons and items? Also more then 85% of the listings in the Borderlands 3 Playstation 4 section are selling modded and hacked items and weapons aswell. They all even say “Mod” “Modded” or “Hacked” in the title?? Why am I being persecuted for selling modded items but every other seller in the borderlands 3 section is allowed to sell modded items all willy nillly??? Heck there are tons of modded items in plenty of different games all the time being listed. I’ve been selling these items for half a year with no issues. I’m curious, did some other seller report my listings? That would be my guess, another seller who is likely selling modded items also reported my listings so he could have the section to himself. You guys are targeting me over literally 95% of the sellers in that section that also sell mods. Why am I the fall guy and no one else? If this is the case and no modded items are allowed on gameflip, I would please like if you guys could take down all the modded sellers in the Borderlands Xbox & PS4 section. As that is 95% of the people sellling in there & it is very apparent.

Hello @Wu_Tang,

As informed in the following Help Center link, “Any listings that somehow encompass practices like duping, glitching, hacking or modding”, is prohibited.

Feel free to report any seller that is listings these types of items through the report button in the marketplace or through ticket so the Support Team can take further action ok.

Also, make sure that these types of items are not listed again.

God Speed! :trident:

Maybe other sellers have not been caught. But you have. Moost marketplace don’t allow modded or hacked things and you don’t have any proof other sellers are selling them also. You can’t say for sure all other sellers are selling modded or hacked items. Maybe other sellers had listings also deleted they haven’t said anything yet. I don’t believe how long you are selling them for matters. If they are modded and hacked Game Flip can remove them.

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