Warning: Your activity violates Gameflip Terms of Service

I have been selling animal crossing items and diy recipes and I just go to buyer’s islands with items.
I am doing exact same thing as every sellers in animal crossing: new horizons section.
I think it is other sellers who reporting me here. Can a mod or someone explain why?

I wont list anything here ever again till this is cleared up.

Hi elymbmx,

We have detected the following activity on your account that are in violation of our Terms of Service:

Due to reports of selling hacked items, all of their listings have been removed.

Please be aware that continuation of the violation can result in the loss of your account. We strongly encourage you to review our Terms of Service Terms of Service - Gameflip and make corrective actions.

-Team Gameflip

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I have been sending tickets and they seem ignoring me. I think I am leaving this site after all.
I am so confused and not happy with this site.

ticket id is 788050 if mod or staff read this.
Thank you.

I am 100% done with this site. WORST selling platform I ever been on.

sellers are making FAKE reports against other sellers. they may be using second accounts.

I found out more on google… I will NEVER sell on this site ever again.

Hello @ELY_M,

I have informed the support team about your ticket and they should be answering soon ok.

Hope you have a great day!

Godspeed! :trident:

The op has his own web store full of hacked things. He’s a liar lol.

Hello everyone!

Could you please send us a report or create a ticket with further information regarding this so we could check?

The Support Team will be able to verify further ok.

Godspeed! :trident: