Scam Site | - 2000$

My account is locked for no reason
Scam ■■■■

It came after sending documents for withdrawal of funds

"After looking into your account, we see that it was suspended for the following reason(s):

  • Involvement in other suspicious or fraudulent activity"

But I did not break anything

Also forbidden to create tickets

yup my account had $90 on it and they suspended me for the same reason and told me it was because of my posts warning users about scammers

Post your invite code here, and the moderators will check for you.

mine is XXUS7N

Hello @zhisach5, please PM me with your invite code so I can check more about this situation.

Thank you.

invite code GG2NYK

hello any news?

hello any news?

Hello, due to sending fake documents to verify your identity a permanent suspension was placed in your account.

i use my document’s
can i withdraw my money?

Unfortunately I’m unable to help you due to your suspension reason.

You might contact our support team if you want to appeal to your suspension.

Thank you.