Account suspened for litteraly no reason

My invite code is U57VPR
And I did 2 sales yesterday and it was all good but then this morning I was suspended

Your account was suspended due to being an alternate account from a suspended account.

That account was suspended due to trying to scam users by asking them to rate the transactions before sending the item purchased.

Thank you.

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I am very unimpressed with this site first of off I was new to the site and never did scam anyone and i was trying to be safe so I lost money that I bought stuff with which I worked hard but that I was like ok I learnt my lesson so I made a new account and now u steal my money again wow I’m not gonna recommend this site to no one it’s a peice of junk all u guys do is steal money from accounts I made 16 dollars yesterday did they report me no so it was all good so why don’t u give someone a chance not just suspened them and make them lost money wow Gameflip I’m a 15 yr old kid who loves games and u can’t even let me use my own money and knowledge to make money

And your telling me I can buy but once I sell u suspened me that’s what I call selfish

Gameflip support is the absolute worst customer service that can exist. They have banned me twice for being “suspicious” and I have lost over $100 from using this horrible website. Just recently I lost an account that had 109 positive ratings because I signed into my old banned account just to check if my paypal was on there, hence being the reason I couldn’t link it to my new one. Don’t get any false hope of getting your account unsuspended. Sorry, but it won’t happen.

A quick link to your profile shows that you joined 7 hours ago , and posted the same message on 8 different topics because you had the worst customer service that existed at that time?
Maybe it got better or more worse? You may never know :sweat_smile:

@Tali I would suggest a closed thread waiting period after perhaps 2-3 months of non activity of a post, because it takes away time and effort from current topics.

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