Scammed by GF and Skrill?

So I went to withdrawal funds from my account, and chose the Skrill option. I thought it would walk me through setting up an account since I don’t have Skrill… Then all the sudden all my funds are gone now. I went to the Skrill website and setup a new account with my email, but no funds are there, and I’m not receiving any emails about my funds transfer. Did I just get scammed by Gameflip…?

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Your money should return to your Gameflip wallet if there is no skrill account for it to go to

This a pretty vague response, especially considering GameFlip just removed my funds out of no where and can’t tell me where they are. Me or my money is obviously not important to GameFlip, but it’s important to me. It shouldn’t be taken away from me with no notice of where it’s at, just because I selected to use the first withdrawal option presented. When will it show back up in my wallet, and why doesn’t it show up in the Skrill account I have setup?

If you attempted to withdraw the money while not having a skrill account set up the money will return to your wallet

Once again, a vague response at best. Are you a robot or something? WHEN does the money get returned, and WHY is the system broken in the first place? I clearly asked this previously and you have blatantly ignored the question… Good job “moderator”…

When this happened to me, it got resolved within a day.

First time withdrawal take 3-5 buisness days to process, once it processes and sees there is nowhere for the money to go it will come back to your account. Simple as that. No need to be rude.

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It could take a day it could take 3, regardless you will get your money back if you obtained it legitimately

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Thanks… I’m not trying to be rude, sorry for coming off that way. It’s just irritating, I hope you understand.

  1. I visit Gameflip help center and read the article “How to withdrawal funds”
  2. GameFlip help center says “follow prompts on Gameflip wallet/payout screen to create Skrill account”
  3. I do exactly what it says to do, and poof, funds are gone, no Skrill account is created, and I receive no emails about any funds or Skrill account creation.

That’s good to know my funds will eventually show up, wether that’s 1 day or 5 days from now, however this is a big problem and is going to lead to other upset customers. Especially when legit customers just waited 3 days for payment to even show up in their wallet in the first place … only for this to happen. It’s a broken process and someone at Gameflip should know about it, and fix it.

I completely understand don’t worry

I agree the process could be easier As it’s happened to me before also ( the main problem is skrill only wants to use your same email that’s registered with Gameflip so even if you have another skrill acc with another email, it’s still tries to send to the Gameflip email) I’m only moderator in this forum I’m not an employee Of Gameflip. I can pass this suggestion on to somebody who can further look at it and maybe make some positive changes in the future.

did you use the same email for your skrill as your Gameflip email or different email?

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I have never used or owned any Skrill account. I thought following the directions posted on Gameflip/going through the payout prompts for Skrill would lead me to creating a Skrill account. But I selected the Skrill option, it showed the email address I have registered with GF, the next option told me the fees that would be taken for withdrawal, I accepted, and then poof, funds were gone.

I looked and never received any new account creation email or funds transfer confirmation from Skrill. After an hour or so I panicked and went to the Skrill website myself, and created an account using the same email address I have with Gameflip.

I just checked the Skrill account I created for the 15th time today(about 15 minutes ago) and the funds did show up finally… but the root of the problem remains. This process needs to be better, luckily my deal was only a few hundred bucks, so just enough to upset me…but if it was like thousands of dollars…this process is enough to send someone off the deep end lol.

GameFlip needs to either update the help center directions for Skrill as they are incorrect, or fix the Gameflip app/payout process to actually let you create a Skrill account. At the very least, let users receive an email from Skrill regarding a new account creation once their funds leave the Gameflip wallet. Just some thoughts on how to fix from my perspective. Cheers

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