GameFlip Scamming People

If you go to the help section of GameFlip, there is an article on “How do I cash out or make a withdrawal” which specifically says to withdrawal using Skill “To create a Skrill account, simply go through the Gameflip payout flow in your Gameflip wallet and choose Skrill”. I did exactly what it said and there is no account creation for Skrill, it literally just sent my funds to a non existent Skrill account. How is this OK? Where is my money?!!

I went to the Skrill website after the fact and created an account, but of course there are no funds there. Stop stealing people’s money!

The email you have used to create your account is the one where Gameflip sends money to ( skrill ). If you cashed out and did not have an account(with email you’ve used for Gameflip) then funds should return back to Gameflip and then to your wallet pretty soon. Make sure you have a valid Skrill account with email you’ve used to create Gameflip. I will also tag a moderator to help you further.



Disco, thanks for the reply)trying to gelp, and I see what you’re saying…however, my biggest problem here(other than my money appearing to just vanish) is the fact that the Gameflip help guide for Skrill payouts is saying different than what you’re saying. Please look at

This is contrary to what you’re saying. I followed these directions that Gameflip posts, and it results in no new account creation for Skrill and funds being sent to no where. I hope you understand what I’m saying here…this is a huge problem on Gameflips end. You can’t direct customers to do something that is literally broken…and results in missing funds.

I’ve had a similar problem and they just cancelled the withdrawal of my funds back to my Gameflip wallet. But i do think you’re supposed to get a message from Skrill on the same email you used to make your Gameflip account whether you have a Skrill account or not.

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Yea I never got the email(and no it wasn’t in a junk folder)

You should contact them via this if you haven’t done so yet. That’s what i did when i was in this predicament and it got resolved within a day or so. Though i don’t know if it would be as fast given the situation that we’re in right now.

Thanks Sinister… I did create a ticket via this method too, but of course response time is poor… From what I’m told the funds should show back up in my wallet(or somewhere) automatically within 1-5 days… However the process is absolutely broken and I shouldn’t have to create a ticket or complain on the forums in the first place. All I did was follow the instructions on the help section, and got screwed out of my money for 1-5 days…fact. Anyways, thanks again for the advice.

Hello @Whatwhat,

We are not trying in anyway to scam users here, as we do not authorize this type of behavior on the Gameflip platform.

Could you please provide me your invite code so I can take a further look into your account?

Also, what part of the step by step did you not understand or was misleading? The link you sent was regarding a withdraw instruction and there were warnings on the withdraw page, as @disco informed.
If you did not have a Skrill account created, why did you continue?

You selected and accepted the withdraw to a Skrill account without having a Skrill account, therefore the process is not broken and you made a honest mistake. You need to choose a withdraw option that best suits your needs and specially the ones in which you have a registered account.

Make sure that next time you are aware of the warnings on the page.

Please provide me the ticket number as well so I can see what I can do on my end to get your issue resolved asap.

God Speed! :trident:

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Dark thanks for the reply, however I want to politely call out the fact that you’re absolutely wrong. You said that I made an honest mistake by choosing Skrill as a payout option without having a Skrill account. Please re-read this part of the link I provided in the Gameflip help section. If anyone made an honest mistake, it’s Gameflip as this information is completely wrong: “To create a Skrill account, simply go through the Gameflip payout flow on your Gameflip Wallet and choose Skrill.”

Following these directions exactly, lead to my funds being sent to a Skrill account that doesn’t exist…this is not a mistake on my part. Please fix your help guide .

@DarkKnight Also, after following this inacurrate posted process, with no option of creating a Skrill account in the wallet payout flow… I realized fairly quickly afterwards my funds were sent to the nether/to a Skrill account that didn’t exist. So I did go to the Skrill website on my own, and setup an account…the funds showed up the next day, so I no longer have an issue. However, I will state again, the Gameflip help section told me to follow the wallet payout flow to create a Skrill account, and it never created anything, and instead sent the funds out to an account that didn’t exist.

Hello @Whatwhat,

I understand your point and we are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

We will make changes so there is no further confusion with this.

Currently, the link to create a Skrill account is on the following warning informing that “You must have a Skrill account” colored in yellow. We will try to make this link more visible and change the text in the artcile, so this issue does not occur again.


Could you please provide me your ticket number as well?

God Speed! :trident:


@DarkKnight how do I pm you i need help with a ban that was unfair and I have some new evidence for it I have submitted a ticket but I want to pm you so I can explain better to you is there any information that you need?


You will need the ‘Basic’ Badge in order to PM someone directly on forums.
More Info about ‘Basic’ - Basic badge on Gameflip Forum

This is how to PM after you have gotten the badge.

Also Please do not reply on random Topics. Make a new topic instead. Thanks.

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Hello @SinisterAlley,

Sorry for the wait.

I’m verifying your issue now ok.

I will answer through the message you sent and close this topic ok :wink:

God Speed! :trident:

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