Scammer Alert!!! Please Check and ban this Scammer..


This scammer after purchased my product (Spotify)and already redeemed my code. After he redeemed my code open dispute claiming my code error cannot be use and ask for refund… I told him all my code is legit. After live chat with Dev found out that the code had been redeemed. Kindly check screenshot conversion with live support… Scammer need to be ban… Using new account… SMH… I already gv him more than 24hours yet he didnt cancel dispute yet. Kindly check and get back to me. Thank you in advance

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Hello Marvin_Marvel,

I will check this for you.

In the future, whenever you send us a chat history, please make sure it’s showing the code as well (not as a screenshot link). This will make your evidence more valid.

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OK Noted…Thank you for fast response.

Godspeed!! Thumb up :+1:

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