Scammer Freely Spam Fake Gift Card Code

Hello gameflip,

There is so many scammers in gift card section with new account and no reputatin rate received. This current condition make us buyer feel unsafe. Those peoples(scammer) ask buyer to rate them first if want the code. I know its very fishy listing gift card $150 under $70 as it was discount up to 40% and of course i dont buy from them. All of the listed gift card key/code is fake not one is correct. Those scammers gift card listing are so annoying. Its not one or two sell but more than 10 sells listed in one time. Is there any solution from gameflip team to get rid all the scammers?



Thanks for reporting! We are working on a solution for this kind of situation. as for right now, please report those sellers or send me via PM their accounts so I can investigate these further.


I send you private message. Please check the scammer.