Scammer is still active, sending a code different from the product it posted.

This seller told me that he was selling an all-star T-shirt code.
But after buying the code, it was a PGI shirt.

I bought it in confidence because this seller was under a lot of evaluation, but it was scammer.

Later, I tried to talk to him, but he blocked me.

I’m not going to be able to make a refund because I’ve been automatically assessed for using the code too late.

Everyone has to be careful of this seller.

Also, this seller is still active. I think it is necessary to make something.

Hi there,

Can you paste first 4 letters of code here, it will be easy to check which type of code you get.

Start with P162.
Turns out it was also a PGI T-shirt.

Make sure you dispute and do not complete the transaction.

its already completed…

I don’t get it. He completed the transaction and then complained about it later? Did he verify the item before completing?

I guess it was auto-rate…

No auto-rate unless he left it untouched for 3 days.

Thats exactly what happened…

I was foolish enough to go on a trip without trusting the other person based on sales records.

Even so, it is not my fault but the fault of the person who made the scam.

File a support ticket. They may be able to help you when you send them proof.

That guy Online Games Shop is deleted/suspended, I had a few trades with him all went smooth and clean, I dont know maybe he made a mistake in listings or something, you went straight calling him scammer… a bit offensive… .

Mistakes… he blanked me when I left comments on his other sales posts.

He tried not to even talk to me.