Scammer. PSN gift card purchase

I have bought a card from a seller and the guy has given me a already used code. he is not resolving the issue and he is making lame excuses by saying that he already checked the code. how come he can check a PSN gift card without redeeming it? I am going to get my refund as this is real bad experience for me using this website and not getting what I paid for.

You can check a PSN gift code by entering it online and then exiting the page before confirming the redemption. There’s a first page that will tell you what you are about to redeem.

This is a pretty common dispute. Make sure to file a dispute and provide and evidence they request. Posting here isn’t necessary.

I tried to redeem the code and in fact it never game me any option. it just showed that the code has been already redeemed. I opened up a dispute with a screenshot as a proof. I contacted the seller and he said that I am scamming him and he will not give me a working code. He has stopped replying me and he hasn’t resolved my issue. this is a total scam and hassle. I am going to get my money back. I never received any scanned code as well. like other websites, this is my first experience and it is a bad one


Do you still have this issue? If so, please send me your invite code via PM so I can check it and give you more information.

Thank you!

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