Scammers Getting Out of Hand

I recently joined the site in August, and am not as active as other members in the community (specifically in the rocket league one). Scammers are getting out of control tho.

So far I have not seen any punishment for them. Many just block you, and delete posts where other users call them out. One particular guy has changed his profile name and picture at least 5 times… I am glad the return policy has been successful in my case (got refunded 3 times people tried to scam me, 1 more in the process right now) but it’s frustrating to still see this users online still scamming others.

There is not even a need for GameFlip to hire more staff or be more active (they already seem to be barely holding up in that department). All that would be necessary is to keep deleted posts in an a tab (maybe named archived). New users could check it out and see all the comments scammers are trying to hide. Could also have the ability to still rate an user after a purchase fell through, so they can have a negative review that says they are scamming. Or maybe also keeping comments enabled on Sold Items. Since those stick there for a while, someone who just got scammed could warn others, and the scammer wouldn’t be able to delete it. Also limiting the number of times you can change your name and picture for a certain period of time wouldn’t hurt much of your user base.

You can report the scammer (website only) by visiting the scammer profile and click on the “Report” button. You must list out the evidences (e.g. links to listings he tried to scam).

I saw a drop in these scammers (in Rocket League). It used to be so many of them impersonating Gameflip, but I actually haven’t seen any for a while. So the number may be less but there’re definitely a few of them out there. You should report them as soon as you find one.

It’s not the ones claiming they are Gameflip. There is this guy in particular guy that bumps his reviews using multiple accounts. Puts products at a lower market price, marks it as sent without actually trading with you and then blocks you so you can’t comment on anything. Game flip does return your money eventually but it takes forever and he keeps on doing it.

I tried reporting him like 2 weeks ago but nothing has happened. He has changed his name at least 6 times and made more accounts to bump us his reviews with fake sells.

Hey @TwisTz, please in cases like this, report the user directly to us, if he comments on your listing tell us which listing he commented on o we can catch his account.


I didn’t realize you replied in this thread. I’ll take screenshots and pm you more complete information on these people.

Thank you for the work you are doing in the site and to still maintain communication with users.

I was scamed like this with evidence is there a way for me to get my COLBALT draco octane and PARALAX back?


Unfortunately not man. As you can see above the scammer’s comment, there is a warning symbol and a warning message telling that Gameflip will never write comments on listings.

Thank you.